High Abrasion Resistant Textile

PN-6391PG High Abrasion Resistant Textile

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Item: PN-6391PG High Abrasion Resistant Textile

Composition: Para-aramid/Nylon/Elastane

Weight: 350GSM/±35G,

Width: 51/52” 

Function: High abrasion resistant

Type: Woven

Color: Green

High Abrasion Resistant Textile

High Abrasion Resistant Textile

High Abrasion Resistant Textile

Motor sports:

The rigidity, impact resistance and heat resistance of wear-resistant fabrics under wear conditions are increasingly welcomed by motorcycle parts and protective clothing manufacturers. Motorcycle tires, brakes, drive belts and composite parts, as well as boots, jackets, gloves and helmets have the shadow of wear-resistant cloth.

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High Abrasion Resistant Textile.JPG

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