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GAR-2460S For Aluminized Flame Retardant Apron
- Nov 09, 2017 -

shipment photo.jpg

  Good news! Our Peruvian customer ordered 500 meters of GAR-2460S aluminized flame retardant fabric, and we sent out the products timely within date of delivery. 

  The customer will use our aluminized fabric to make apron for furnace man, and its flame resistant and high temperature retardant function is very suitable for their requirement.





Item information: 



Content: Glass fiber/acylic/rayon

Weight: 460G/SQM±50G


Style: Woven

Color: Sliver

Function: Flame resistant and high temperature retardant. 

Application: Aluminized apron, hoods, sleeves, suits, etc.

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